August 20th, 2015 by hearingdoc

We have an exclusive club here at Centers for Hearing Care…

The 90’s Club!

We treated our patients who are 90 years YOUNG and COUNTING to a special brunch.  Everyone had such a wonderful time together celebrating life! We even had a 91st Birthday to honor that day!

One of our favorite memories started with reading from the book,

The Complete Live and Learn and Pass It On, by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

We then asked our patients to share their own “Live and Learns” to pass on. We read them out loud to the group and simply have to share with you as well!

It was an extraordinary privilege to be in a room with so much wisdom and love for life!

Keep Active.

Margaret — Age 97

(She still works 3 days a week!!)


Always be kinder than is necessary.

Everyone gets older.

The secret is to NEVER get OLD!!!

Norbert — Age 95

Be close to your family.

Take care of your ears.

(We did not coach him to say that!)

Russell — Age 92

It’s not the number of years you live,

but how you live them.

Agnes — Age 92

Sometimes it is hard to say I am sorry.

Think young and stay strong.

God loves all of us.

Ken — Age 91

Start each day with a prayer.

Mildred — Age 90


No matter what your age, go to church.

Kathryn — Age 92

If you don’t move it, the earth is going to cover you up.

The more you do, the younger you’ll feel, the longer you’ll live.

Clara — Age 96

Every day is a blessing.

God doesn’t want us just yet.

Norma — Age 85

(90s club future member!)


Don’t breathe under water.

Frank — Age 90


When they ask you how old you are say, “just right”.

Laddie — Age 91

Live every day to the fullest with God as your guide.

Rose — Age 92

SHARE your “Live and Learn” with us and have fun asking your friends and family too!

Participate at any age!!


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